Saturday, April 14, 2012

Oh, LC-Wide!

LC-Wide (Kodak BW400CN)

Forgive me Visa, Forgive me MasterCard - for I have sinned! I promised myself that I wouldn't buy any new cameras this year & I did very well at this, until a couple of weeks ago, when I caved & purchased the Lomography LC-Wide. (Trust me, now there will be no new cameras for a very... long... time!)

I always have a few nervous rolls of film when I start with a new camera, it can take a couple of rolls to really feel the camera's mojo & by the time I shot my 2nd roll of film in my new LC-Wide... I can confirm that it's love!

I love my LC-A, but I must say that the LC-W is doing it's best to win a place in my heart. The wide lens is... W I D E & I was a little scared off in the beginning about having to get so very close to my subjects when shooting, but to be honest I am really liking some of these 'people from a distance" shots... something about the wide lens works so very well with the little lane ways of Melbourne.

Getting used to only 2 distance settings after using a LC-A for such a long time has been interesting & even though I've not used the square frame, half frame or MX options yet, I can't wait to really see what this camera can do.

In other Lomography news, the Australia/NZ Lomography crew are setting up a Lomography stall at the Melbourne Finders Keepers Markets on April 20th & 21st, so if you're in the fair city of Melbourne next weekend come along & have a look & play with all the cool Lomography cameras & gear. (You may even see me hanging around, so come say Hi!)

x Mel


Dawn said...

These are wonderful! It doesn't surprise me that you're in love with these.

Magali said...

Congrats on the new camera Mel! I got to try it a few weeks after it released. If I ignore the fact that the one I used had a meter that over-exposed, it was a really nice camera.
Just one tip: The viewfinder is silly! The lens takes in much more than the viewfinder sees, so be mindful when taking close up shots. And enjoy your camera... I'd love to see more.

elle :: everything reminds me of you said...

Oh wow, I'm completely jealous. Your photos are incredible. I want one.

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