Friday, March 15, 2013


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O'lovely - LC-A, LC-Wide & Diana Mini (various film types)

Back in January I had the pleasure of joining the wonderful O'lovely girls, Laura & Shakira for a photo shoot, here in Melbourne. The theme was 'runaways', so we spent the afternoon shooting at a local train station & getting up to general hijinks.

O'lovely have just arrived back from recording new material in New Zealand... so keep an eye out at the links below for new music.

O'lovely at Triple J Unearthed
O'lovely My Space
O'lovely Facebook


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Like List #2

Wow... the past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind! This week I started my graduate certificate in visual arts at the Victorian College of the Arts... and already I feel like a flame has been lit inside of me... a window has been opened and all my creative thoughts, impulses and desires have been flowing like a river.

This week's like list is just a little bit arty...

Marina Abramović - The Artist is Present.

I first watched this documentary about a month ago, and from the first moment to the last I was totally enthralled. I highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in the arts and performance. (Warning: there is a whole lot of non-sexual nudity... so if that's not your thing... maybe give it a miss.)  

Marina Abramović Made Me Cry.

These beautiful and honest photographs taken during 'The Artist is Present' performance at MOMA in New York give a true insight of the effect of these types of performance art on a range of people.

Big Hearted Business Conference by Clare Bowditch.

I am lucky enough to be attending this amazing conference later this month (with the lovely Olivia). I have been brought up in a family of small business owner-operators and I think its wonderful to have these types of events to enough women to follow their dreams and make a living out of it at the same time.

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