Monday, April 9, 2012

Instant Views on Melbourne

right angle city
Fuji Instax Mini (photo frames cropped)

I've been lucky enough to go on a couple of amazing photo walks of Melbourne over the past few weeks, firstly I went on a Melbourne Silver Mine Inc. photo walk run by Dave of Melbourne by Foot and secondly, just this past weekend I joined the Melbourne Polaroid Easter photo meet.  

I'm loving my Fuji Instax right now & am only just discovering how versatile it can be. I've also begun digitally cropping the frames off my Instax photos, I love how it gives more focus on the photograph itself.

On another note, one thing in life that isn't instant like polaroids is a new organ when one of yours doesn't work anymore. The lovely Elle's little sister is in search of a new little heart due to chronic heart failure, she has put a call out for people to register as a donor, so you can help save another person's life. You can see her post here with all the info about organ donation registers in various countries.

x Mel


Rhianne said...

I really like the cropped images of instax photos too - its amazing how soft and lovely they look when you do crop them.

These just make me want to go on a photo walk with you now though lol

Dawn said...

Whatever that photo is, is amazing. What an awesome constructed contraption. (I may or may not have just wanted to use the word "contraption.)

Lyndall said...

These are so lovely, and are making me want to visit Melbourne very badly! I love the idea of cropping the frames from the Instax photos, it really does change the whole feeling and help focus on the actual picture.

I'm feeling very inspired to play with my instant cameras more now :)

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