Tuesday, March 27, 2012

When the wind changes...

concrete wave

en line

en route
Polaroid SX-70 (Gold Frame Colour Shade 680)

Relocation. Most of us relocate at some point in their lives. I have several times. Through all the little Queensland towns I lived in as a child to high school in Toowoomba, moving to Brisbane after graduation, moving to London, moving to Melbourne. There is so much to be gained from experiencing new surroundings & cultures, but sometimes you do feel like you lose many things also.

After I returned from London and moved to Melbourne, I felt liberated & loved discovering a new city. I still love Melbourne, more than ever, but now so many of my friends have moved back from overseas & interstate to Brisbane, I feel like I am missing out. As much as I am in Brisbane quite regularly, a few times per year, it is barely enough time to see all my friends properly, so I have started just making small trips to see just one or two friends (& usually, my parents).

I know a few of my friends wish I would move back to Brisbane & I understand why, but at the same time, I feel like I've spent the last 6 years of my life uprooting myself from location to location. It's time I put a few roots down & I must say that's one of the hardest things to do when you're out of practice. I can't even commit to a mobile phone contract, let alone anything else.

A couple of my good Melbourne friends are moving to Sydney and Tasmania, one is moving back to her her home city & the other is moving for work. They are both moving for very good reasons... but I just don't feel like I have a "very good reason" to be moving away from Melbourne, I've only been here for a little over 2 years & it is only now, starting to feel like home.

If only ruby slippers were real, then all my amazing friends would be but a couple of heel clicks away.

x Mel


Angus said...

Hey Mel,

I wonder if you had those ruby slippers, clicked them together saying 'There is no place like home', where they would take you?
The Vic pub in London, with mates, a pint and a beef pie?
The Himalayan Cafee in Brisbane with friends and a Naan?
Some new haunt in Melbourne with friends and yummy food?

I guess if you have the friends it really isn't important.
(and the food...)

Rhianne said...

I've relocated a lot too and we've finally settled in Leeds and I really berate myself for it as both my family and Thomas's family all live in Norfolk, but like you've said, we haven't got a very good reason to go back yet either - I love our families but we still talk and see each other a lot... we have friends everywhere too so we make the effort to see them as well. I think as long as you do what makes you happy and what feels right then everything will work out.

elle :: everything reminds me of you said...

Oh Mel, I totally get this. My family and closest friends are spread all over the world. Wherever I am, I'm missing someone!

Magali said...

I live in Mumbai, so does almost everyone I know. And I've always always wanted to travel & live somewhere else for a while. I guess we're at opposite stages then. :)

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