Sunday, March 4, 2012

NYC Guest Post: Elle - Everything Reminds Me of You

Like many girls, when I was in my late teens and early twenties, I dreamed about New York. It was literally a world away from the small town where I grew up in New Zealand. My fantasies were fuelled by classic movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and An Affair to Remember and television shows like Sex and the City and Friends. I spent years in love with a city I’d never visited. I told myself this was where I belonged.

Since I moved to London in 2006, New York is suddenly much more accessible. Just a six or seven hour flight. I feel extremely lucky that my job now takes me there a few times a year. I have just returned home yesterday from such a visit. I added on an extra day and half on to my trip to explore further, and of course, to take photos. The photos in this post were shot using my Polaroid Spectra camera with expired Polaroid Image Softtone film and my Polaroid SX-70 camera with Impossible PX70 Colour Shade film.

I spent an amazing day in Brooklyn – made even more enjoyable by the extremely well-curated City Scout guide produced by the lovely ladies behind the Studio Sweet Studio blog. I loved visiting the places they recommended. I like it when you can visit cities and see them through the eyes of the people who live there, rather than as a tourist.

Now that I’ve been to New York quite a few times…. I’m as much in love with the city as I always was. Possibly more. You see, newspaper columnists don't really have million dollar wardrobes and waitresses don't really live in huge lofts. As my early girl crush Carrie Bradshaw put it "No one has breakfast at Tiffany's, and no one has affairs to remember. Instead, we have breakfast at 7am and affairs we try to forget as quickly as possible." Sometimes, real life is even better.

Elle x
Everything Reminds Me of You


Dawn said...

Everyone seems to be posting about NYC lately, and I'm swooning for the city again. Elle's photos are gorgeous, like always, and I love the one of the street signs.

elle :: everything reminds me of you said...

Thanks Mel for inviting me to post as part of this incredible NYC series!!

Andrea (Andee) Beltran said...

Lovely post! And now I have a new film to try!

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