Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Friends in Black & White

LC-A (Kodak BW400CN)

I often forget how much I love using black & white film in my LC-A... a wander around the streets of Melbourne & a couple quiet drinks with some work friends easily changed that.

The season is slowly changing here, the nights are getting cooler, the mornings have a slight chill, jackets & cardigans are slowly emerging from closets. Soon the light will become scarce & I will be pushing 400 & 800 ISO film through my cameras & watching the leaves fall.

x Mel


Magali said...

They're great & I love how they capture the light. I am always very apprehensive to use it because I like color & I think in some weird way I feel like I'm losing something by not shooting color.
But there have been a lot of bloggers like you posting BW shots recently & that's really inspiring me. :)

Rhianne said...

these are beautiful, I'm so sad about my LC-A at the moment as the one B&W film I used in it, I adored. I'm hoping I can sort it out asap though.

I'm looking forward to your autumn photos already

Andrea (Andee) Beltran said...

Lovely! Love the "Don't just do something. Stand there."

Lis said...

Hi there! Popping over from BFTH group ... I love this post! Recently I have been trying to think more in black and white, so your images really inspire me. I think there is a simplicity but a honing in on the essentials that makes it so refreshing and exciting. And of course the nostalgia factor adds a layer to the unspoken story here of a day with friends.

xo Lis

Kerry said...

Gorgeous, Mel. I love your photos. I've also popped over from the BFTH group ... I'm in Melbourne too! xx

PS - Since I could only comment using my google profile, this will link to my old blogspot site - my actual site is

elle :: everything reminds me of you said...

these look like movie stills! amazing.

livvy said...

who's the hottie with the camera & the sexy feet? ; )

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