Saturday, February 11, 2012

NYC Guest Post: Anna from Inside The Border

Polaroid Spectra SE with Image Film

"This photo taken when I was in New York in 2009,  of a Gray's Papaya hot dog store on the corner of 8th Ave and 37th street. The photo was taken with a Polaroid Spectra SE camera with Image film. (I think - I had recently gotten the camera with a half used film pack already inside it).

I think this photo sums up most what I love about the city because it is taken in the area near Penn station which at night seems to revert back to the type of NYC shown in the de Niro film "Taxi Driver' - new hopeful arrivals from the US, shady characters, preachers etc.

It's New York at its most exciting, scary, mind boggling best."

Anna G -

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