Sunday, February 12, 2012

NYC - City of Sky

B001397-R2-04-5 B001397-R2-03-4
14A B001397-R2-21-22
042 045
Diana Mini (Lomography Chrome 100 X-Pro & Kodak 400VC)

In a city filled high to the brim with skyscrapers, it was amazing to find that the sky makes a beautiful & stark emergence in New York. The unmovable landscape of crystal blue that peaks & flows like a river through the jungle of steel & concrete. Over central park, the sky hung like a horizontal picture frame, skirted by the canopy of trees, reflected in the spanse of crystal water.

This sky was a hot midsummer sky, the occasional cloud dotted here & there... when the smog would lift on those heat-filled days & the ozone would disperse. A cool blue of high sky would beckon the lights of the sleepless city to waken the night.

x Mel

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Rhianne said...

these are beautiful, I love the different colours of blue :)

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