Wednesday, February 8, 2012

NYC - Subway Yellows & Reds

057 058
110 B001397-R1-36-37
B001397-R4-24-10 B001397-R5-34-34A
LC-A (Lomography Slide X-Pro 200, Redscale XR 50-100 & Kodak BW400CN)

One of my favourite parts of New York City was the Subway.... & thanks to my LC-A (& her handy light meter) I managed to capture some of my favorite parts... including the rush of a train arriving & departing the station... the yellow green light of the platforms...  (& almost) the sticky humidity of the hot days of July.

I loved people watching on the Subway... such a different variety of people all on the same train carriage... the whole time I tried to not look like a tourist... a art student who is into analogue cameras - yes! Tourist - no!

Some days/nights I was dressed to the nines... other days/nights in jeans & a t-shirt... from 23st to Union Square... from Times Square to Astor Place... always with a camera ready.

Heart NYC, heart the Subway!

x Mel


Andrea (Andee) Beltran said...

Heart these photos, especially the reds!

inside the border said...

Those colours really sum up the feeling of the subway, love it!

Dawn said...

Even though I've been to NYC, I actually never took the subway (I doubt my high-maintenance aunt would have ever allowed that). I think you're right--there are always people juxtaposed next to other; it's such a mix of people and cultures and skills and ... everything. The music people listen to. The games they play on their phones. Everything. And I think you managed to capture the rush of the system above. I love the sense of movement. And as for the red? When I finally finally FINALLY get myself an analogue, I want to definitely try it.

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