Saturday, February 12, 2011

When bad things happen to good film.

As the opposition leader of the Australian Government said recently, "Shit happens!". Yes, sometimes it does. Although I like to think that something good can come out of something that has gone a little shitty.

I give you the "creatively" over-processed film that I picked up from the photo lab yesterday. The film was a Rollei Crossbird 200 ISO slide film to be developed in C-41 colour negative chemicals… clearly something went wrong because instead of beautiful deep colours like this:

I got back washed out black & white photographs like this:

Now… the best thing to come out of this is that thanks to the genius that is my LC-A the photos are still lovely on the most part. My favourite is this one, which despite the black & white shade still glows with the beauty of a summers day.

You can see more photos from this film here.

I'm not the only one who has had trouble with photo labs of late, the amazing Elle from just last week had a lab ruin three films from her trip to Scotland (Elle's Scotland photos are here… they are lovely!).

So yes, shit happens, but thankfully it doesn't happen too often & when it does, sometimes something beautiful results.


kayla said...

hello there mel. i just bought a diana mini from the exhibition today in QV (on the very last day!). it's my first lomo and i was surfing for xpro and stumbled upon ur blog. ur photos are awesome and lovely! can't wait to experiment with mine ;) i'm definitely tempted to try out the rollei crossbird for my first roll. how much does it cost to process n scan the roll at michael's?

milk&miel said...

Hi Kayla, congratulations on buying your new Diana Mini (you will love her!)... I hope you enjoyed the Diana World Tour exhibition. Rollei Crossbird is a great film, one of my favorites, but funnily enough I haven't tried it in my Diana Mini yet (I will have to soon though...) I have used it in my Lomo LC-A camera & had brillant results, definitely give it a try. Michael's charge around $25 to cross-process & scan to disk for 35mm film, but because Crossbird has 'normal' C-41 processing written on it, you may only get charged $18. :-)

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