Sunday, February 20, 2011

Home sweet, adoptive home.

Back when I had only just moved back to Australia after living in London, I went through a strange type of homesickness for my adoptive home. In this process I used google maps to document each of the flats I lived in London. It's interesting that photographs induce a different type of memory than reminiscing alone.

1. Dynham Road - this was the smallest flat in the history of flathood kind... but we had a garden... a very small garden... but it was lovely. I was excited that it was a 10 minute walk from Abbey Road Studios! Bad heating, moody flatmates & a guy who lived upstairs who was a more than a little strange.

2. Willesden Lane - this was a nightmare! A huge flat, but old, moldy & kind of dodgy! Almost as dodgy as the Irish guy I shared it with. It was, however very close to a huge Sainsburys... & this was where I experienced my first London snow!

3. Maygrove Road - the nicest flat of all of them, with the loveliest flatmates, really close to two separate tube stations & half-way between West Hampstead & Kilburn high streets. The best central heating ever.

Have you ever lived away from your home country? How was that experience for you?


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elle :: diana mini love said...

Ah, the wonders of London flatting! Your third place isn't all that far from me!

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