Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Like List #1

Belair O'lovely Slide Instragram
Instagram of one of my Belair transparencies from a shoot with O'lovely

Here is my first ever little like list!!

Firstly, Max Gimblett is one of my all time favorite artists, he is a Kiwi who now splits his time between New York and Auckland. I fell in love with Max's work back in the early 2000's & he is one of the most consistent & hard working artists I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

His most recent works are available to view on his website & I am currently in love with his colourful Quatrefoil works on paper. 

Secondly, I was doing some research into artists who had attended the Art Student's League of New York, and I stumbled upon the Lost Artwork's page on Wikipedia. I never had any idea of the quantity of artwork that has been destroyed or 'lost' over the years & I found it incredibly interesting to read about the circumstances in which some of the art was lost.

& finally, I am going through a 'I want to run away to Paris!' phase (again!) & stumbled upon Airbnb. It's a nifty little place where you can view & book cheap apartment accommodation, pretty much anywhere you want to travel. You can rent just a room, or an entire apartment, with prices according to what is provided & location. I must say that looking at Airbnb fuelled so many daydreams of Parisian photowalks, cafe au lait, crepes & bottles of wine drank on the edge of the Seine. 



Dev Melbourne said...


Airbnb is awesome, i have booked vacations for tassie, san francisco and currently looking for NY this year :)

Dawn said...

I had never heard of that travel site before, and I love it. I was browsing it for a few minutes, and I think it is incredibly helpful. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I'm currently at work right now, but I may get lost in the Lost Artwork later...

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