Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Winter Wait

LC-Wide (Kodak Ektar 100CN)

Oh, the Winter Wait (as I call it)... that time when you are just trying to wait winter out... when you really do know deep down inside that there is a minimum of 6 weeks of chill left. Sometimes I think a bit of englishness rubbed off on me from my days in London, like taking about the weather... yes I most definitely talk about the weather too much.

To think that this time last year I was in a New York City "heatwave"... I remember how lovely it was to be warm again, then I also remember the sunburn & the noisy airconditioner in my Chelsea hotel room. It really does only feel like yesterday since my days in New York... *mental note - need holiday*

I know that now I'm helping out with the excellent Australian/NZ people that my opinion of Lomography products will sound biased, but just to clear that up... this is MY blog... I promise only to talk & post things that I think are completely awesome & amazing... in this tradition I want to mention how much I love my LC-Wide... in hindsight it really was worth every cent I spent on it. I highly recommend that anyone who has used an LC-A before should get their hands on a LC-Wide & at least put a roll of film through it. I still love my old Russian LC-A, but I must say that the LC-Wide is slowly & surely swaying me her way.

Antipodeans, stay warm. Everyone else, stay cool.



Dawn said...

That top photo just speaks to me, for whatever reason. Not even the text so much...just the wall itself. Its blankness, the photo's vignetting itself. Wow. I really like it. And the photos below it? I really love those graffiti-ed walls. It gives everything a vibrancy, a feel.

jusuzuki said...

These shots are amazing, love the colors and the angle and I'm very very tempted by this LC-Wide, I hope you write more posts about it.
It would also be very helpful if you could write a comparison post with the LC-A and the LC-Wide, though I think my LC-A will feel a little threatened by it. Lol

Congratulations for your wonderful blog!


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