Friday, January 6, 2012

Golden Times with SX-70

bowls, bowing private <----
The Gus & Lene show gold frame Lene
gus & lene chillaxing my mother drawing
SX-70 with PX680 Color Shade Gold Edition & ND filter.

Over the Christmas holidays, I ventured to my home state of Queensland to spend time with my family & friends. Many photographs were taken, rolls of film developed when I returned to Melbourne & now I only have to finish the last few exposures on the films still in cameras.

One of the cameras I took to Brisbane was my newly acquired SX-70... this time with the new PX680 Colour Shade Gold Edition... I shot one pack of this film & am quite impressed with the results, 6 out of 8 exposures isn't bad at all.

While in Brisbane I enjoyed taking my parents & friends to the Matisse: Drawing Life exhibition at GOMA, they have a drawing room and cafe as you exit the exhibition with props & still life arrangements to draw & while away the day. I highly recommend it!

x Mel


Andrea (Andee) Beltran said...

Oh, the kiss! Lovely!

Magali said...

They're lovely photos, I can't wait to try out some impossible project film myself :)

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