Sunday, January 22, 2012

Brisbane City Lights with La Sardina

Brisbane City Lights / 15

Brisbane City Lights / 8

Brisbane City Lights / 4

Brisbane City Lights / 11

Brisbane City Lights / 10

Brisbane City Lights / 9
La Sardina (Lomography CN 800)

Ever since my luck with long exposure bulb shots in New York, I've been slightly obsessed with taking night shots... especially since most of the cameras I use require either natural light or a flash, its nice to know that there are other shots you can take at nighttime.

These photographs are of Brisbane at night, taken over the Christmas holidays while I was visiting my family & friends. It wasn't easy to get a whole lot of light trails, since there were hardly any cars on the road, but I love how the lights of the city & Southbank glow in these shots.

I had Lomography CN 800 film already in the camera, so I wasn't sure how long to leave the shutter open while using the bulb setting, but most of these shots are between 20-30 seconds.

Apologies for the quiet time on the blog front, being back at work & training up a new assistant... along with enjoying summer, I've sadly neglected blogging. 

x Mel


Magali said...

They are fab. I haven't tried night shots on blub, I would never for the life or me figure out how long to leave the shutter open. All of these shots came out really well. :)

mahasiswa teladan said...

nice slow speed bulb..
cool picture
thank you :)

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