Sunday, October 9, 2011

Guggenheim New York City - Diana Mini


B001397-R6-29-26     B001397-R6-28-27

B001397-R6-22-25     B001397-R6-24-23
Diana Mini (Kodak Portra 400 VC)

The beautiful majestic Frank Lloyd Wright Guggenheim Museum is in many ways both a cultural & architectural icon, but when you stand in it's shadow while glaring up at the long curves of it's facade it almost feels as if it breathes, deep heaving breaths into it's surroundings. While inside, I felt like I lost the concept of where I was a few times, due to it's shrine like ambience, you feel like you are within such a holy space that you no longer wonder what exists outside it's walls.

x Mel

(P.S. Those of you who read my blog through RSS feeds etc... I'm trialling a new blog layout... let me know what you think. Ta!)


Little queue said...

The really like the effect of the double exposure. They remind me of a kaleidoscope.

P.S. I really like the new layout/header.

Rhianne said...

love the pretty layout and those doubles are stunning, my mind is blown :)

Rhianne said...

p.s. have you seen this group on Flickr for a lomo magazine? they are looking for multiple exposures right now and yours would be perfect!

kayla said...

these sets are beautiful, especially that first one! i have really got to take my diana mini for a walk as well after its first ever roll! :)

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