Friday, November 9, 2012

Photo Swap 2012 - Part Two

Film Swap with Mel from Australia
Film Swap with Mel from Australia
Film Swap with Mel from Australia
Film Swap with Mel from Australia
Film Swap with Mel from Australia
Film Swap with Mel from Australia
My Melbourne photos from the photoswap with Margrethe from Norway
(LC-Wide with expired Agfa 100)

Oh the joys of a Melbourne spring! Sunny 28 one day, rainy 8 the next... thankfully there is always just enough light to snap up the sights of the city.

I can hardly believe that it is already November, the year has gone so fast & so many things have happened. Next weekend I am spending a long weekend in Sydney, a little mini break is exactly what I need & if I manage to take some photos while I'm there, that's a bonus. (Although I am limiting myself to only taking 3 cameras with me!) I'll also be catching up with a couple of old friends from the UK & Europe that I've not seen in ages... fun times!

Then 3 weeks after that I am back in Sydney for a Blogshop workshop which I'm going to with the spectacular photographer Olivia... we are making a big girls weekend away of it & I just can't wait for cocktails harbourside & learning loads of neat new photoshop skills.

Sometimes you just need a little travel time to clear your head & heart.

x Mel


Dawn said...

Love these photos! I'm so happy to see a post from you! I've very excited. :) Spring is like that in the Midwest, too. I swear, in the fall and in the spring, you get to experience all four seasons in one day. Ew. Hahaha. Anyway, have a good weekend in Sydney! I do hope you're able to get out and take some pictures!

Margrethe said...

I love the little self-portrait you took in the mirror. I'm really regretting not doing anything similar, haha. And I love how warm the colors are in the rainy weather, and then colder in sun. I have to try out this film sometime :)

Little Paper Trees said...

looking forward to saying hello in the workshop - I'll be there helping out! :)

Kristina said...

Your shots are great as well!! (just looked at the pictures from your swap partner!) Isnt the weather here in Melbourne completely nuts at the moment? Right now it does not feel like summer at all! Hope you had a nice weekend in Sydney! Kristina x

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