Thursday, August 25, 2011

Washington DC & Diana Mini

Washington DC
(Diana Mini with Lomography X-Pro 200)

Washington DC, I must say wasn't entirely like I imagined it to be. Like everywhere in America, everything is super-sized and hyper-American, but I also found Washington DC a little sterile and lacking of emotion. The war memorials were of course, beautifully designed, but they lacked spirit a little... their theme of being apolitical was taken too literally for my liking.

The Smithsonian Museums that I visited, were again, well designed... but a little disorganised... there were plenty of artefacts to peruse, but few descriptions about their relevance to American culture or history. I probably should have taken a guided tour, but sadly I didn't have the time.

I did however do a DC-by-foot walking tour, which was excellent. I highly recommend them.

From those Americans I did meet in DC, I felt like they didn't really take the capital seriously... or they took it incredibly seriously... there was no in-between.

Also, like any political capital there were those camped out and shouting out about the economy and the downtrodden.... including the guy outside the White House who tried to explain to me that the reason that the US is in so much debt is because the nation's money isn't being invested in nuclear power & the space programme.

It was again, a very hot day in Washington DC & I did manage to get slightly sunburnt, but also managed to get a couple of hours sleep in on the way back to New York.

I love how these Diana Mini shots turned out... I highly recommend the use of Lomography X-Pro 200 in the Diana Mini, especially with double exposures, the colour shifts are excellent.

You can see more of my Washington DC Diana Mini shots at my flickr - HERE.

x Mel


Andrea (Andee) Beltran said...

Really enjoyed your photos and thanks so much for the film recommendation!

Rhianne said...

these look wonderful, I just tried the xpro 200 but not in my diana mini, I'll have to try that next I think :)

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