Friday, April 22, 2011

My Grandfather's Camera.

My parents came down to visit me for a couple of days this week before going to spend Easter with my brother's family in South Australia. With them they brought my Mother's Father's Camera, which I had been told about in a myth like fashion on a few occasions but had never seen. My Grandfather adored his camera & took photos with it every chance he could, he died when I was only 4 years old, so I never got to know him. I can't wait to shoot with his camera & look though the same viewfinder he did all those years ago.

One of the amazing things about my Mum giving me this camera is that it still has a film in it! I can't wait to take it to the photo lab, take it out of the camera & get it developed (if possible)... just imagine that there could be unseen photos from over 26 years ago on that film.

Having this camera means to the world to me. I feel so lucky that my Mum has kept it all these years & trusts me with something that meant so much to my Grandfather. 

Pop, this post is for you. I hope I can shoot some photographs with your camera to make you proud. 

♥ Mel


lauren said...

Congratulations on your *new* camera and priceless family heirloom! I also got my grandfather's camera and I love it. I never got to know him too (he died before I was born), but I feel great that we share the same passion for photography. Cheers!

Santafire said...

What a heirloom!

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