Thursday, January 27, 2011

Giving peace a chance.

I find myself thinking about peace regularly. More than anything else I sometimes even wonder what exactly peace means these days.

Wikipedia's definition of peace is:

"Peace describes a society or a relationship that is operating harmoniously and without violent conflict. Peace is commonly understood as the absence of hostility, or the existence of healthy or newly healed interpersonal or  international relationships, safety in matters of social or economic welfare, the acknowledgment of equality and fairness in political relationships. In international relations, peacetime is the absence of any war or conflict."

I believe that too many of us think that peace is simply the absence of war. In reality, we in modern society are constantly at war with ourselves & others. We may not bear arms, we may not be fighting, we are trying to be one better, one richer, one stiletto shoe taller than others. 

To me peace is living in harmony with those in your environment, caring for others & creating happy, healthy relationships with friends & family. In the hope that one day the whole world will be without prejudice, discrimination & war, in every sense of the word.  

What does peace mean to you? 

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